Dear Great Waldingfield CEVC Primary School community,

We want to do everything we can to support you in continuing your learning at home. Class teachers have put together a range of exciting websites you can visit. There is also more information about how you can access daily learning activities which your teacher has posted on the Seesaw platform. This can be found under 'Curriculum - Home Learning' or just CLICK HERE

Thank you for remaining at home to keep everyone safe and save lives.

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Emergency School Closure





UPDATE  21:50  9th February 2020


The school does have power - we will be open tomorrow.






9th February 2020  


The school is currently without power.  We understand it should be back on by 10.30pm tonight We will text in the morning to confirm

Very occasionally school may need to be closed due to severe weather conditions or a breakdown in heating. A decision to close may need to be made with very little warning – this could happen during the day or overnight as conditions deteriorate. In a situation such as this you will receive a text from the school and the website will be updated to give news of the closure. Once Suffolk County Council are aware of the closure it will be announced on local radio.