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Football Match Report

Great Waldingfield Vs Acton Football Match


On Thursday 20th January, some of our Year 6 students participated in a friendly football match against Acton’s Year 5s and 6s. It was hosted by us, on the Great Waldingfield field. We had two matches being played at once on two pitches. With thanks to the TGS Sport Leaders, who came to referee, the games were great fun!


We were very excited and hyper! Due to COVID, we haven’t been able to play any competitive sports or represent our school since our school year 2018-19. We realised Acton had an A team and B team, we watched them warming up and decided our teams based on their strengths against ours. We positioned ourselves based on our individual skills that we have recognised during lunchtimes when we play football together.


During our first match for our A team, we had a lot of possession and we kept pushing for most of the game. Elliot (Our goalie) saved some unbelievable shots! We were so proud of him! Leighton scored an amazing goal from the left side of the box which screamed into the top right hand corner of the goal! The ball was on the opposing side and we had scored 4 goals to 1.


B team however were 1 – 0 down in the first half. Acton’s defence were very good! It was difficult to get the ball near the goal to get a good shot and not just scramble and try. Their goal keeper was incredible!

After 15 minutes, it was half time, we switched up the teams to make them more even. The B team had a lot of possession but as their defence were widespread, it made it hard for us to even approach their half! Acton scored a couple of great goals. The only time we could clear the ball, was when we could intercept their passes. Our girls, Issy and Imogen were not afraid to take on some of the Acton boys, trying to tackle and gain back possession!

Between myself and Riley, we blocked another goal from Acton’s striker. Leaving the score 2-0 to Acton for the B team.


Beau was named ‘man of the match’ from the TGS sport leaders, for showing good sportsmanship. Both teams played amazingly well and showed great determination and perseverance! We really enjoyed it and can’t wait for our following match against Long Melford.


Match report written by Magnus  (Year 6).