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Flatford Mill Day 4

We woke after a struggle and made our sandwiches. The children have done this very well, demonstrating good kitchen habits - apart from the classic marmite knife in the butter.

Breakfast was plentiful and we were off to Riber Brook to measure water flow, depth etc.

Shamefully, no one could find an average, or indeed, subtract 48 from 65 without a pencil. They got there in the end I think...I was busy removing enormous clumps of hair from my scalp in frustration.

We then moved to the river to measure it's depth and speed of flow.

Fascinating experiments.

After lunch, we had a visit from Mrs Hosford and Mrs Marsden then we went pond dipping.

It was done very scientifically, trays, spoons, brushes etc.

The children's best find was collected and taken to the classroom for examination. We used powerful microscopes and classified our creatures. Excellent science was done.

On the water front...over half allowed wellies to flood. Esther's wellies, she discovered, had a quite magnificent design...deliberate holes on the side. Most odd.

After dinner - the best chicken pie I've ever seen or tasted - we stayed in our rooms before going to the playroom, where table tennis was this year's battlefield.

Very few emotional disasters this year - compared to usual. The boys particularly were very self sufficient when it came to entertaining themselves.

We have our final session this morning. It's always sad to leave here. This is a truly fantastic educational resource. While we've been here it's been used by a university, 2 high schools and a Year 8 from a Prep school.

Due to time (and learning) we will not be visiting the shop...go on...let your children keep the tenner you've given them.😂😂😂

We've had an absolute blast...your children have developed and this will make year 6 more fun for them all. We know each other in ways that would otherwise take months to develop.

See you all at 1.30 sharp for collection...have your washing machines on standby.

A glass or 2 of Sauvignon Blanc is in order for us adults this evening, then it's 48 hours of sleep.

See you all later

Mr Sandford and Miss Evans