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Flatford Mill Day 3

Evening all. 
Another brilliant, but exhausting day. 
Steps 21342
We started bright and early... 6 45am to be precise with the traditional wake-up call... Me knocking loudly and bellowing rise and shine🤣🤣. The children prefer when it's Mrs Ruth's turn. 
We breakfasted like Kings, although the vegetarian sausages were not to everyone's taste. 
Flatford are trying to reduce the amount of meals that rely on meat as a protein source, which in turn reduces their carbon footprint. Interesting times we live in. 
We met in our classroom at 9am for our first session - Disappearing World. The children learnt about sustainability through drama (The Lorax), sorting 6 environments and their individual problems and solutions and created bird feeders using pine cones, lard and bird seed. 
I am taking an intrepid bunch (any who are up!) to watch the birds feed on their feeders at 6.30am tomorrow morning for 30 minutes. Will will record, classify and graph our findings. 
It was so interesting for the children to learn about reasonable solutions to the world's problems. Be prepared for timers on your showers, the heating off for longer- extra jumpers being worn instead and more cycling. 
We lunched quickly as the children had use of Home Field for a football match. Watching the game with the participants wearing wellies was hilarious. 
In the afternoon. We walked to Dedham and back. This is the main reason for the increase in steps. It was fun... Muddy, but fun. Some of their clothes may never be the same again. While there, the children conducted a survey asking the residents of Dedham what was special about the village and the surrounding area through numerous questions. Upon return, they calculated % and used Digimaps (amazing software) to plot and illustrate their route. 
Roast chicken and lemon drizzle cake for dinner. There was silence...
Stargazing has been cancelled again due to cloud, so we will be enjoying the campfire tonight. Songs, games and scary stories will abound. 
No doubt the children are tired and will be 'lights off' by 10 tonight. 
Everyone's tiring... 2 more sleeps. Such an amazing experience for everyone 
Write tomorrow
Mr Sandford and Mrs Ruth