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Flatford Mill Day 2

Steps 17306
Kilometres 13.7
An eventful day. 
It started with the door knocking ritual at 6.45. Most of the girls were awake and busying themselves around their rooms. The boys however were still sleeping...hehe.
They made their sandwiches eventually and we went back to Willy Lott's Cottage to finish getting ready.
No rooms were immaculately tidy and many left lights on.
On an aside, leaving lights on while sleeping is causing the most arguments in the evening. Interesting.
Breakfast was plentiful. Tommy was the first to realise that you can literally eat yourself to death here. He now holds the record for food consumed in one sitting. I expect more to follow today.
Those children that wanted coffee or tea were allowed it with their breakfast only (one cup) - despite many trying to tell me they usually had some in the evening.
Our first session was emptying our mammal traps. We caught nothing. This was repeated 3 further times. Shame, as this is normally fascinating - handling a shrew or vole.
After teaching a particular child that we are now in Autumn and not Spring, we commenced with out orienteering work. 
Miss Evans group were lost at least once (we saw them come the wrong way), but eventually made it back to the classroom. Differentiating between left and right is also causing issues.
My group completed the course in a stunning 57 minutes, much the fastest, but got a few questions wrong - compass reading the culprit here.
Charlie's group got most questions correct, but it ended in a victory for the Cupcake Power (their team name) by a single point.
The children grasped 6 figure map references quickly - this was impressive. So far their knowledge has been mixed, but there is plenty of time to go.
Again dinner went quickly - pasta bolognese and crumble. 
In the evening we studied Andrew Goldsworthy and mimicked his style to create our own nature pieces. Most were of good quality and the children worked hard.
Most were asleep by 10.30, but a few stayed awake - they will find it tough today. The 'homesick' tears continued and were quickly dealt with. Most have toughened up and embraced the challenge of being independent. The few remaining will get there 
Everyone, I think, has been bitten by something.
It's now 6.21am. Time to rattle on doors. Wednesday awaits.
Write tomorrow
Mr Sandford and Miss Evans