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Flatford Mill Day 2

Day 2

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A great day had by everyone. 
Breakfast was brilliant - eggs, beans, hash browns, toast and as much cereal as anyone could eat. 
Like, our chef, taught the children some incredibly complex finger games that no one could do! 
Our first session was Orienteering. In order to do this the children had to learn 4 and 6 figure map references, bearings and how to accurately use a compass. They did very well and all groups successfully navigated the 3.5Km course. 
After lunch, which the children made very well,  they had a go at being cartographers and learnt about scale and direction. 
Dinner was another success. I have to say the kitchen has been amazing everytime I have been here - the food always hitting the spot. Today the undoubted highlight was the sticky toffee pudding. 
In the evening the children were inspired by Andrew Goldsworthy to create artwork. I am led to believe some of their creations will make the Flatford twitter page. I have sent a couple attached to this message. 
Many are choosing to shower this evening. Good! 
Write tomorrow
Mr Sandford and Mrs Ruth