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Flatford Mill Day 1

Steps 12870
Kilometres 9.1
The journey in was uneventful.
After thanking Pete, our jovial bus driver, and collecting our cases we set off. 
All children (most children!) heeded my warning of making sure they can carry their own cases. Leo was the hero here - not only managing his massive (pink!!!!!!) case, but also hauling another boys bag onto his shoulder. Legend. 


I would've helped, but I was so busy laughing that the tears I'd produced had temporarily blinded me.
Duvet making was mixed - all rooms mucked in and helped each other and beds looked good when I checked. Obviously some practise had happened somewhere! 
Our first session was disappearing mammals. After establishing that a fish was not a mammal (they shall remain  nameless for now) and that lions do not live wild in England ( again...nameless), we learnt about how humans have affected ecosystems and camouflage.
Dinner was scoffed - pizza and chips followed by chocolate pudding and cream.
We set out small mammal traps ready for this morning and then set out on our evening walk. Charlie - our tutor for the week - asked us to hold a rope while we walked for safety. Who'd have thought this was to be a difficult task? Not me for for sure.
Between 8.30 and midnightish the children enjoyed the house, playing games and flitting to from room to room. A few had homesick tears - some always do, but they were soon asleep and I'm sure it won't happen again.   It went silent at around 12.45am.
It's now 6.45 and I'm about to knock on doors. We have to make our lunch at 7.30.
Will send another potted version of events tomorrow.


Orienteering today - lush.
Mr Sandford and Miss Evans




I would just like to add to Mr Sandford's earlier blog.  He failed to mention, whilst out on our night walk last night, that when he was closing the gate he fell flat on his face in the mud. He tried to get away with it but the mud gave him away! Much to his disgust he had to have a shower.


Miss Evans