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Flatford Mill 2019

Flatford Day 1
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After an uneventful arrival we met Charlie (our tutor) and Hayley (the admin assistant). 
Our fire drill was done well and we assembled outside Valley Farm without fuss. 
We gathered at our classroom - Edwards Room - and listened to Charlie give instructions and introduce us to our 4 days of learning. 
Our first activity was call Disappearing Animals. 
To begin with we considered our personal learning and asked ourselves the question, why are we here? Most children decided that the environmental aspect was very important to them (did you know that every litre of bottled water we buy uses 5 litres of water to make?). 
After this we went outside with a variety of nets and bottles to find, classify and identify insects. The children were shown how to understand how these insects had adapted to their environments. We studied adaptations last half term and the children were very good at this. 
The children were shown how some animals use camouflage. 
Just as dusk was falling, we set humane animal traps in the hope of having a shrew or vole to study in the morning. The children did this well, making some quite luxurious habitats for anything lucky enough to 'visit'. 
After a dinner of pizza, chips and chocolate pudding and cream - everyone loved it - we had 30 minutes free time in rooms which the children enjoyed. 
Our evening activity was a night walk. It is amazing to walk in the darkness without any light pollution, listening to the various wildlife. We heard 3 types of owl and tried to attract bats.
We got back to our house at around 8.30, where we found a great-creasted newt on the carpet. After reviving it with water, we sought advice on where to release it. A beautiful moment! 
Hot chocolate has been made and drunk and the children are readying for bed. A brilliant start to our learning. 
Tomorrow we have orienteering, learning to read maps and a compass and reading bearings amongst other things - last year a group took over 2 hours to complete the orienteering course 😂 😂 😂. 
All the children are settled and calm. 
Will write more soon
Mr Sandford and Mrs Ruth