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Flatford Day 4

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Wet day... 
The morning started early checking bird feeders. A few managed to get up and we were treated to an amazing variety of birds. 
Breakfast passed without problems. The children have really enjoyed the food. Even the reluctant eaters have tried foods they wouldn't normally eat. 
Our first session was measuring and understanding rivers. It started with a 'recap' of the water cycle... One or two could remember this. They demonstrated the cycle through dance - so so funny to watch 🤣. 
We then moved to River Brook, where the children needed to be in the water to measure depth, velocity of the flow and width. They used a range of equipment and needed to find the mean average to ensure more accurate final answers. 
Some children were drenched... Some accidently - some not so accidentally. Brilliant fun was had by all. 
We then moved to the River Stour to do the same there (depth, velocity and width) and we finished with a game of 'Pooh Sticks' (see attached photo for the result... !!!)


Lunch was followed by another game of football and then it was back to the classroom for Pond Studies. 
The children discovered many invertebrates living in the water and were able to study them using microscopes (amazing quality equipment). 
'Pond dipping' can be extremely scientific if it is done properly - the children were very keen and busy during this session. 
Dinner was macoroni cheese and apple crumble. All ate well. 
We eventually made the stargazing as the clouds kindly receded to allow this to happen. The children studied the sky through powerful telescopes and ipads. We saw Uranus, Saturn and the moon (Neptune was out, but was too close to the moon's glow, to be seen properly.) It was just about freezing outside when we did this activity and it is testimony to their developing resilience that no one commented on the coldness. 
Rooms are becoming tidy and we have one more sleep before home. I'm sure you are all keen to see your children - remember 1.30pm pick up please. 
From myself and Mrs Ruth, it has been an absolute pleasure to lead this residential trip. The children have all grown and developed as a result - some more than others. 
I'm sure the children have created memories that they will remember long into their lives. 
A tremendous time had by all. 
Mr Sandford and Mrs Ruth.