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Flatford Day 4



Day 4

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The children woke early and headed for the breakfast room for 7 30. Again, the kitchen staff produced an excellent meal - eggs and the trimmings, cereal and toast. Breakfast is becoming the favourite meal of the day with more than 1 child saying they could get used to this!


After 45 mins or so in their rooms, we proceeded to Riber Brook to measure the velocity of the stream. The process was complex and involved much mathematics. Afterwards we measured the depth of the River Stour, using weights and measures. Some of the work was excellent. Oscar's group worked particularly hard, as did India and her merry band. Quite alarmingly, we saw the place where the water leaves the sewage treatment plant. The water, although clean, had so many soap bubbles still in it. This cannot be good for the local wildlife or water dwellers. Certainly something for all of us to think about.


After lunch we went pond dipping. The children collected many examples of pond life, from water scorpions to dragonfly nymphs. These were then take back to the classroom and studied under a microscope.


After dinner (roasted chicken and sweet potato and squash crumble for the vegetarians) we met up for our traditional campfire. A great time was had by all - even my ghost story was well received! The children made a start on their packing afterwards and finished off their sweets.


We have all had a great time. Each child has learnt, played and discovered new things and they have developed emotionally and socially. They are a credit to all you parents out there. Thank you.


See you all at 1.15 tomorrow afternoon for pick-up, they will be exhausted.


Mr Sandford


Day 4 update 


We've just been to our humane animal traps to see if we have anything. 


We have mice, shrews and voles. The children now have an amazing opportunity to observe these incredible creatures close up. 




Mr Sandford.