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Flatford Day 3



Day 3

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We started the day tired and in in good spirits. No one was awake before 7 today. This will become a challenge as our breakfast slot has been moved to 7.30 instead of 8.15...that means a 6.30 call tomorrow. 😂😂.


We learnt about disappearing mammals and adaptations today. This was our science element as it fits in with our Evolution and Inheritance topic from the year 6 curriculum. The children, as they have been all week, were attentive and really listened to Harry. We set traps, examined a myriad of bugs, spiders and beetles and I removed a second hornet from one of the boys rooms. This one was over 2 inches long and quite impressive. They are docile at this time of the year as they are looking for places to hibernate. The room is being checked later for a nest.


Lunch is different this year as Covid rules mean they are not allowed to make their own sandwiches. Some are relieved!


After lunch we walked to Dedham to complete various geographical surveys. The children were great, asking the public all sorts of questions to collate data. All were wearing masks in the interest of public safety and I was complimented 11 times... that’s right, 11 times on various children's politeness and friendliness. They really are a great bunch of kids. A few found the interactions hard, but all managed it. #proudteachermoment.


The walk back was tough. Some felt as though they were on Celebrity SAS, without the celebrity bit. 😂😂 After dinner we stargazed. Jupiter was out in all its majestic splendour and we viewed it through powerful telescopes. This week is National Space Week, so that fitted in well.


I’m off to see if I can win 1, just 1 game of Top Trumps, drawing a blank so far... 😂🤣😂


Mr Sandford