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Flatford Day 2

Flatford 2021


Day 2 - morning update. 


So many have achieved so much by simply waking up here.   I am proud of everyone. 

Such resilience shown by the children. 




Records have been shattered. 


One child has eaten:

2 sausages, hash brown, beans and 2 rounds of toast. 

2 bowls of rice crispies. 

Toast and jam

Mug of tea. 


Everyone has eaten well. 


Mr Sandford. 


Day 2

Steps 15671


Most children were already awake at 6am. Couple this with a late night before and the tiredness was there to see. 


I have no doubt they will be quicker to sleep tonight. 


Breakfast was great. As much cereal, hot food and toast as they wanted. Lots of children enjoyed tea and coffee with their food. I was impressed with Beau in particular who was extremely polite. 


Our first session was orienteering. Harry taught the children how to read 4 and 6 figure map references before taking them outside to teach them how to read a compass and read bearings.    The children were excellent and really listened. This was evident from their great performances on the orienteering course. Edward proved himself an excellent team leader and was so accurate in his work. 


The children spent the rest of the day learning scale, creating maps and solving other geographical puzzles. 


Dinner was pasta bolognese and went down quickly. The food here really is fabulous and all the children are enjoying it. 


In the evening we met for our art session. There were some great creations and all children worked hard. 


After hot chocolate the tiredness kicked in and they were soon into their rooms. 


The children are learning a huge amount - not only about science and geography but about themselves. Such an invaluable experience for them. 


I'm off to make yet another round of tea for Mrs T and Mrs R! 


Write tomorrow

Mr Sandford.