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STEPS 16782

The bus arrived on time and was expertly driven, meaning we arrived at around 11.30 - plenty of time to settle in.

The 600m walk to Willy Lotts Cottage was almost uneventful. Usually, a child or two manages to drop their case or say they cannot manage - not this year...Miss Nice dropped her bags. Oh dear. We all laughed.

After lunch, which was taken on Edwards Field, we met our tutor - Simon. He is 26 and very enthusiastic. The children will learn a lot from him this week.

All children managed to make their beds without incident - unusual.

Our classroom for the week is aptly called Constable. Simon introduced our first session - Disappearing Mammals. This included classification and the setting of animal traps. The children are excited about seeing what creatures they have 'trapped' in the morning.

Dinner was amazing. Almost everyone ate sausages and mash (not your cheap sausages either!) and rice pudding and peaches for pudding. Some had three helpings of rice pudding!

Our evening walk was fun. In complete darkness, we walked through a woods using our senses to guide us. A few were scared, but were quickly reassured.

We are back in our rooms at the moment - but there is a hot chocolate party to look forward to at 9pm.

We will have lights off at 11pm (10pm the rest of the week) as I will wake them at 7!

Will write again tomorrow.

Mr Sandford