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School Day

8.00am Breakfast Club

The first children to arrive are the ‘Early Birds’ at breakfast club. Mrs. Taylor, one of our HLTAs offers

all the ‘Early Birds’ a choice of cereal; toast with jam and a drink of juice or milk.

8.30am Children begin to arrive into the classrooms

‘Early work’ is ready for the children as soon as they arrive in the classroom. 

This will usually be in response to next steps in English and Mathematics.

8.40am Gates close, registers are taken and first session starts

Apart from EYFS the English and Mathematics curriculum is taught during the morning sessions,

which also includes daily guided reading.

10.35am – 10.50am Morning Break

10.50am Second session begins for all classes

12.05pm – 13.05pm Lunch break for Saplings, Maples and Willows

12.15pm – 1.05pm Lunch break for Rowans, Cedars, Oaks and Elders

1.05pm- 2.40pm Afternoon Session

2.40pm – 3.00pm Daily Worship

Our daily act of Collective Worship reflects the traditions of the Church of England.  Thursday’s daily worship is led by our local church,

the Church of St Lawrence, and every other Wednesday we welcome ‘Open the Book’ who bring Bible stories to life. 

On Fridays we celebrate those children who have demonstrated one or more of the Christian values.

3.05pm – End of the school day