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On 10th October Elders class went to Adastral Park to program Crumblebots (they make excellent Xmas presents)
We worked hard all day with 4 other schools - Nacton, St Marys, Woodbridge and Bucklesham - all from around Ipswich.
The main task was to create a robot that could travel as quickly as possible around a tight track,  recognising black lines through its sensors. It was very complex.

The Winning Team - Tommy, Chloe and Katie were the winning team, programming the best robot by miles.

The Winning Team - Tommy, Chloe and Katie were the winning team, programming the best robot by miles. 1
We were also runners-up...and fourth.   So proud of the children and their achievements.

Esther, Polly and Millie were runners-up.

Esther, Polly and Millie were runners-up. 1

Elders Newsletter 1


It has been a very busy first month in Elders Class.

I have been very impressed by the children's desire and readiness to learn. Many children have completed extra work out of class – owning and developing their own learning. Classroom behaviour is another strength.


As a group (parents and family members, teachers and children) we need to develop their independence as we all prepare them for the next phase of their education. This is always at the forefront of my mind when planning activities and sessions.


Our writing has developed significantly and most of us now use capital letters, apostrophes and commas correctly. We will spend time consolidating these skills over the next few weeks when writing recounts and narratives.


I have completed ‘Blitz’ – an excellent book by Robert Swindells - which the children all enjoyed. I sent home a list of his other works to those that were interested. I am always available after school, not before, to give suggestions for reading material – many children are currently reading – and enjoying - books I’ve pushed onto them.


We have just started reading The White Giraffe by Lauren St John. Her use of description and sentence structure is quite magnificent and you would be hard pressed to find better.


In maths we have so far developed the children’s understanding of place value, fractions and calculation. I have been amazed at their knowledge of the multiplication table – but many need to be quicker when deriving answers and using the tables.


For example, if you know 6 x 7 = 42 can you find 0.6 x 7, or 700 x 0.06


Our residential was a resounding success and all the children learnt so much about nature and themselves.


Our other studies have included looking at our health (exercise, diet, teeth, personal hygiene) and studying Guernica (a painting by Pablo Picasso)


Our School football teams have done very well – the boys came 3rd and the girls were runners-up. The girls particularly (all Year 6 apart from Erin) learnt on the job and kept an excellent defensive line, that only 1 team could penetrate.

Excellent work everyone.


Thank you to all concerned for engaging with the children when doing homework. I understand my Thatcher quotes have caused ‘issues’ in some homes. I hope resulting discussions were controlled and involved the children.


Here’s hoping for an eventful October


Mr Sandford