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I am very proud of the children and staff at Great Waldingfield CEVC Primary School and it is always lovely to hear that others feel the same.  Real History Alive came to share the story of The Great Fire of London with us recently and I was delighted to receive the following email from them.  Mrs T Hosford - Headteacher

'Dear Miss Paddon and Miss Napper and all the fabulous team at Great Waldingfield.

We are writing to say a huge thank you for the day we spent at your lovely school.  We also received the letters from the children and loved reading the wonderful comments.

Visiting different schools every day, we are privileged to understand the work and time that goes into making fantastic experiences for children and the massive commitment by teachers, this was never more evident than at Great Waldingfield primary school.

We were greeted by the lovely headteacher and staff and immediately made welcome and included.  We met our host teachers (Miss Paddon and Miss Napper) who helped us ensure we had a great day. We were provided with refreshments (and lunch) and assisted enthusiastically with our activities at all times.

The children were incredibly polite and respectful. They were also encouraged and supported in all the Great fire of London workshops which makes our job so much easier.

We have no doubt when we say, in our opinion, Great Waldingfield is a truly outstanding primary school which myself (Russell) and Dawn would be proud for our children to attend. 

We wish you all every deserved success in the future and really hope we can return to visit you all again.

Best regards and many thanks

Russell & Dawn

(Aka Samuel Pepys & Daisy)

Real history alive'